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Showcasing Indonesian Seafood Excellence at Singapore Seafood Expo Asia 2023 | Kerbau Laut

Singapore Seafood Expo Asia 2023 is just around the corner, and one name that promises to stand out among the exhibitors is CV. Kerbau Laut. This Indonesian seafood company has earned a reputation for delivering top-quality seafood products while prioritizing sustainability and responsible fishing practices. As they prepare to participate in this year’s expo from September 11th to 13th, 2023, CV. Kerbau Laut is set to make a lasting impression on attendees and potential partners alike.

About CV. Kerbau Laut

CV. Kerbau Laut is a leading seafood exporter based in Indonesia, operating from the picturesque coastal town of Pangandaran in West Java. Established in 2005, the company has since made significant strides in the seafood industry, owing its success to a blend of tradition, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Sustainability at the Core

What sets CV. Kerbau Laut apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainable fishing practices. The company believes in responsible sourcing, ensuring that the marine ecosystem remains preserved for generations to come. By adhering to strict sustainability standards, CV. Kerbau Laut has earned certifications that reflect their dedication to environmental preservation.

Product Portfolio

CV. Kerbau Laut offers a diverse range of seafood products, showcasing the rich bounty of the Indonesian seas. Their product portfolio includes, but is not limited to:


  • Squid
  • Baby Octopus
  • Octopus
  • Cuttlefish
  • Soft-Bone Cuttlefish

Whole Fish

  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Black Pomfret
  • Silver Pomfret


  • Scallop

Export Excellence

CV. Kerbau Laut has been serving markets worldwide with distinction. Their products are exported to countries across Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond. The company’s strong logistics and distribution network ensure that their seafood reaches customers with maximum freshness and quality.

Singapore Seafood Expo Asia 2023 Participation

The Singapore Seafood Expo Asia 2023 provides CV. Kerbau Laut with an excellent platform to connect with industry stakeholders, explore new partnerships, and showcase their commitment to sustainability. Visitors to their booth can expect to learn about the company’s sustainable practices and experience the exquisite taste of Indonesian seafood.

CV. Kerbau Laut’s participation in the Singapore Seafood Expo Asia 2023 promises to be an exciting opportunity for seafood enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential partners. With a stellar reputation for sustainability, product quality, and excellence in seafood export, CV. Kerbau Laut is set to make a significant impact at the expo, reaffirming Indonesia’s position as a key player in the global seafood industry. Don’t m