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Cuttlefish is a product that Kerbau Laut offers all season! At Kerbau Laut we always focus on the whole production chain, from fishing, production at the factory, and finally to the consumer. We teamed up with our local fishermen to work together maintaining the high level of freshness quality for our valued customers.

Our frozen whole round cuttlefish products are daily caught and no soak.

The range of the sizes are:

– 200/300 grams per pieces

– 300/500 grams per pieces

– 500/700 grams per pieces

– 700/1000 grams per pieces

The processing specifications are: SEMI IQF, 2 x 5000 grams NETT WEIGHT per Master Carton.

Feel free to reach us for further information! Kerbau Laut (Delivering Fresh Flavors worldwide)