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Important Aspect To Maintain The Quality of The Products | Kerbau Laut

Fishermen play a crucial role in our practice, as they are the primary source of fresh raw materials for Kerbau Laut. For so many years, Kerbau Laut has been working together with fishermen around Indonesian waters to maintain the quality and sustainability of seafood.

Some of the forms of co-operation between Kerbau Laut and fishermen are:

  1. Educating them to practice sustainable fishing, such as adhering to catch limits and voiding overfishing to ensure the longevity of the seafood resources.    
  2. Making sure that the fishermen understand the specific quality standards that comply with the food safety regulations and traceability requirements, hence they are able to ensure the safety and quality of the raw materials.    
  3. Improving fishermen’s access to necessary equipment, such as fishing equipment and navigation tools, to enable them to work more efficiently and safely.
  4. Encouraging the fishermen to participate in environmental conservation efforts, such as beach cleaning programs, marine waste management, and preserving marine ecosystems.   
  5. Giving them fair market pricing as the fishermen rely on us to purchase their catch. On the other hand, Kerbau Laut, depend on a consistent supply of quality seafood to meet consumer demand.

The collaboration between fishermen and Kerbau Laut is essential as it creates a symbiotic relationship within the seafood supply chain. We understand that our job is to create a consistent, sustainable, and healthy aquatic ecosystem in order to deliver high-quality seafood products for our valued customers. We are proudly being a leading manufacturer of frozen seafood products in Indonesia.


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