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“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.” This quote came from one of the greatest philosophers, the first teacher, Aristotle.

In the seafood industry, where products are highly perishable and food safety is paramount, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is very crucial. HACCP provides a systematic and science-based approach to safeguarding the quality and safety of seafood products throughout the entire production process including from receiving raw materials to distribution.

Some important points that we follow to set a good quality standard to our products are:

  1. Food Safety
  2. Prevention of Foodborne Illness
  3. Preservation of Product Quality
  4. Regulatory Compliance
  5. Risk Reduction
  6. Traceability
  7. Consumer Confidence
  8. Continuous Improvement

“With good habits we may have greater success than one where employee behavior or habits are not acceptable. Good habits will become good behaviors and some behaviors will form a culture. When we apply this system to our organization, we believe that Kerbau Laut will be able to provide quality products that follow standard practices and consistently deliver products or services to our valued customers across the world” says our director, Kevin Louis.

When it comes to customers satisfaction, Kerbau Laut will always assure the quality of the goods or services that the customers receive, meet or exceed their expectations with great consistency.